House cleaning isn't an activity that most people enjoy. One way to make it easier and less of a chore is to invest the time to organize your space before beginning the cleaning process. That is especially true for spring cleaning or other deep cleaning. Each room of your house will need to be organized based on it's use. For example, organizing the kitchen involves making room for food and keeps your family safe from dangerous bacteria.


Closets can quickly become drop spots for things that don't have space elsewhere. To start organizing your bedroom closet, for instance, take all of your clothes out of the closet. Decide on a way to organize your clothes, such as by color or style, and arrange them as such. Add shoe holders to your closet to showcase your shoes. Once your closet is organized, you can begin the process of cleaning it and getting rid of things that you no longer use.


The kitchen tends to be a hub of activity in the home. In order to keep your family safe, it needs to be cleaned often as it's also a breeding ground for bacteria. The refrigerator needs to be cleaned and disinfected often. Before doing so, pull out all of the food and throw away all of the food that is spoiled or going bad.

Boxes and Files

Personal paperwork and office supplies can overtake your home quite easily. If you have a mountain of bills, paper clips and staples, it's important to first organize the area and then clean it. After doing so, you will want to implement a new system of organization. To begin, use boxes to hold items temporarily while you are trying to sort them out. Designate one box for needed paperwork, one for items that you don't need and one for items that require you to take action. Once that is done, you can begin the process of cleaning.



An area that is a catch-all for items is drawers in all rooms, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. To begin the process of cleaning them out, take everything out and decide what you need and whether the items belong in this drawer or in another one. Continue until you have tackled all of the drawers in the room. Then, move on to the next room.