Housecleaning isn't your favorite pastime but is a necessary part in a healthy and organized life. Formulating a system by utilizing some strategy and tips to cleaning a house allows you to finish the job in a more efficient manner. While cleaning your house is a chore, approaching how you will accomplish the task of cleaning it doesn't have to be an added burden.



Before you begin to clean a house you should take into account what areas you will be cleaning and what that will entail. Making a checklist of tasks you want to accomplish with your cleaning that are as detailed as possible will help you to remember what to do next. You will also be able to track your achievement as you accomplish the tasks. If cleaning kitchen cabinets is on your list for instance, it can be broken down into more detailed tasks of dusting, wiping or polishing the knobs or inner and outer surfaces. You should also bring all of your cleaning items to a central location and carry them altogether in a bucket or caddy.

Survey the Job

During your organization of cleaning tasks, assess what areas will be difficult to clean or may require more effort. Pre-treat these areas with cleaner if possible so that stains or dirt can be loosened prior to your cleaning attempt. Ensure that you don't allow cleaner to sit so long that it stains the materials itself however as this can be counterproductive. Sprinkling some scouring powder in a dirty tub and allowing it to sit is an example of pre-treating an area before you clean it.

Approach and Maximizing Effort

While organization is the name of the game to effective cleaning, you will also want to get the most cleaning bang for your inputted effort. Focus by cleaning small areas in a room before moving on to another area to maximize your physical effort. Working your way around a room in a circle by doing all the cleaning in one area that you can may be an effective approach for you to employ. Another approach to take to maximize your cleaning effort in a house is to assign yourself one specific task at a time before moving to another. These specific tasks can be picking up clothes and trash, dusting fixtures, or even wiping down all tables. Used in conjunction with cleaning as a group, this approach will allow for greater accountability and focus by the participants.

Deep Cleaning Tips

You should deep clean a house when it hasn't been cleaned thoroughly in a while or as a preventative measure from being neglected. One way to go about this is to take a professional approach by cleaning from top to bottom in a room. Deep cleaning should start with you dusting or wiping off light fixtures, ceiling fans, picture frames and figurines in a room. All the elevated work in a room, such as sweeping down webs, should be done first to knock dust to lower and more accessible locations. Deep cleaning is all about paying attention to detail. Once you work your way to cleaning lower parts in the room, remember to move furniture, decorations and major and minor appliances to clean where they sat. Remember to use disinfectants for high traffic contact areas like door knobs, refrigerator handles and shared equipment. Floor cleaning should be the final step in every room before it is finished. Save sweeping, mopping, vacuuming or steam cleaning jobs for last. This will help you from tracking in more dirt on a clean floor while you are cleaning a room. When you use cleaning products, remember to keep rooms well ventilated by keeping the door open, turning on a vent, or opening a window.